Master 35 Petrol screwdriver Professionnel

29 janvier 2024 110 vues

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16 million 8.000 DA

The Master 35 petrol impact wrench (driver) is ideal for work related to

track assembly and disassembly wherever speed and mobility are important. It is used when

replacing individual sleepers, renovation of crossings and railway turnouts. Allows you

to tighten/unscrew foot screws, screws and head screws. The screwdriver is also

used when dismantling railway sleepers during the dismantling of

railway surfaces.


- Engine type - 56.5 cc two-stroke, petrol

- Torque - 500 - 1400 Nm

- Power - 4 HP

- Drive pin - standard 1'', square

- Weight: 19 kg


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