Robel tamper 62.05 Professionnel

29 janvier 2024 40 vues

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13 million

The device is ideal for obtaining long-term track geometry in less than 2 minutes / sleeper. Provides optimal track opening parameters. Correction of track geometry errors that lasts for a long time and ensures trouble-free operation.

- Sets ballast in motion

- Low hand-arm vibration

- High tamping capacity

- Long life and higher carrying capacity of track bed

- Design noticeably relieves the operator

- Significantly reduced emissions

- Replaceable tamping tool of low-wear steel

- Reduced maintenance costs

** We follow detailed maintenance checklists that are in line with maintenance manuals and manufacturer recommendations.

** All offered equipment is fully serviced in our workshop and ready to be deployed on your project.

** All machines are provided with a 30-day start-up warranty.


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